Thứ Ba, 25 tháng 10, 2016

Community Clash Royale

Clash community debate about the error Royale disconnect, military hack Arena when playing with one of the Chinese players.
According to information recently Game4V learn the status they talk about "Hack Clash Royale" appeared much and is talking straw on the Clash Royale clubs. This hack errors directly affect the outcome of the game play makes many gamers inhibition leads to abandon the game.
The first is military error can not be released while still stable wifi. There are many gamers encounter this situation when battling choppy lag, the delay results in lost without knowing why. Many players Clash Royale, said: "This is not the fault wifi because if the drop is due to the wifi is not military, this case is still extremely slow drop that military dc".
In particular, this situation often occurs when playing against players with names in Chinese. Thus, in the judgment of many gamers around the Clash Royale group said Congress likely this is a hack from China.
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