Thứ Ba, 18 tháng 10, 2016

Clash Royale On The App Store

I have been playing this clash royale for about 6 months now. It's pretty fun, and I'm in arena 7. The game is very good, and it unlike many games like consoles destiny allows personalization of your play style to actually be possible, is a skill game, and unlike most games requires you to spend 0 dollars and it doesn't really matter.
I have yet to spend a cent on this clash royale game and I have two legendaries and several epics. If you want to be you your not limited to using a trifecta or a giant balloon deck to succeed, you can easily make your own and do just as well. I personally got tired of my trophy push internet deck , so I made a really fun mini pekka prince deck and made it to arena 6. It's fun and it allows creativity and isn't a time warp like clash of clans where you have to be on basically every day.
And to all those ten year olds whining about the rage inducing legendary decks, your brain probably isn't developed enough to even play this clash royale, so you should probably stick to mine craft instead of hating this game because you stink at it. And if the game gets boring and you feel it's getting hard and "your not getting rewarded" then just create a new account and see how far you can make it as an Experience level 1, heck I've seen them as far as arena 7. It's a good game, and you should definitely try it.(but if you spam the laugh taunt when your winning then don't even play this game, we could all do without that.
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